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Is religion an exclusive property of human beings? Is there any evidence for animals to think and to have even religious rites? In fact, there are many examples in which animals have intelligence such as their playing with toys or games, using tools, and having some rites.[1]

If so, it opposes to Hegel’s thought: whereas human beings are alone “thinking beings” and alone have religion, since “religion has its inmost seat in thought,” animals have “only feelings.”[2] If we follow Hegel’s logic, that religion is in thought, is it impossible for animals to have religions, since they are also thinking beings?         


            [2] Hegel, Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion, 121.


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Human Beings are “인간” (in-gan) in Korean and “人間”  in Chinese. “人” (in) means “human beings” and “間” (gan) means “between.” The shape of 人 (in) seems to lean against each other. Human beings live between and among others. Human beings are thus “between-beings.”

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