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A Korea movie, “Secret sunshine,” (Directed by Chang-Dong Lee, who was the Minister of Culture in Korea, this movie won the best actress award in Cannes Film Festival 2007),
shows us a relationship between the responsibility for others and absolute faith to God. After her husband’s death, Sine goes to his hometown to live there with her son. She opens a piano institution. One day, her son is kidnapped and dies. One of the neighbors delivers God’s good news to her, so that she attends Sunday worship service, believes in God, and becomes a Christian. As time goes by, she wants to forgive the killer, so she goes to the prison to forgive him. She delivers God’s good news to him, but she finds that he also believes in God there. He says, “I am very happy to believe in God, because God already forgave me. So I pray every morning and evening. I also pray for you and will pray for you in my life.” In this case, most Christians usually must be happy and praise God because they also believe in God who changes the killer. However, she is shocked because God already forgave him before she did. She cannot understand it. She asks how God could forgive him without her permission or forgiveness, because it was her son who died.
However, is her response also proper? We must also ask with regard to the dead son: “Who really died?” It was the son, not the mother, who died. If so, is it appropriate for the mother to forgive before the dead son forgives the killer? Does she really have authority to forgive the murderer? Who has that authority? The son really has the authority to forgive the murderer, but he died. In this case who can have authority? Does God alone not have that authority? Since Jesus dies all human beings’ death including her son’s death itself, God can have the authority of forgiveness. To that extent, then, is the dead son only her son? Is he not also God’s son? If the son is also God’s child and she does not have the real right to forgive the killer, then is God’s forgiveness not possible?


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