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God’s True Love and Our Faith

If God’s love for us does not demand our faith, isn’t it much more gracious? If God’s love is the true gift, it should demand nothing, since, if a gift is to be called a gift, it does not have to expect any response. In this sense, God’s love demanding our faith is less gracious than God’s love undemanding our faith. What do you think? How can we harmonize between God’s true gracious love and our faith?

Without revelation, we cannot recognize God’s gift. However, this revelation does not force our faith. This revelation should not force us to have faith. What would be an answer of Barth and Marion? If grace or gift attributes us to hell or damnation, because someone does not have faith, how could it grace or gift?


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‘Do you have time?'(Nov 7, 2002)

One day, a girl asked me, “Do you have time?” I said, “No, I don’t have time because I have already another appointment.” She was disappointed with my answer and went away. A few weeks later, I asked her, “Do you have time?” She answered me with the same expression which I said before, “No, I don’t have time.” I did not know why she refused my suggestion but my heart was very hurt. I realized that her heart must have ached when I said ‘No.’

At that time I had a question, “What does ‘Do you have time?’ mean?” Why do most people ask this kind of question when they want to meet people they like? How come love and time have a relationship? And what on earth is time? When we look to the trend of philosophy to learn of the thought about time, time can be the past, the present, and the future. Here, there are many controversies. Can’t we ask more romantically? “Why don’t you get married to me right now?” ^^(Is this romantic?). “Do you love the shadow of the sun?”, “Do you love the left ear of Vincent Van Gogh?” or ‘Do you love the smell of winter?”

Even though we don’t know the origin of this typical question–maybe Adam also asked Eve, “Do you have time?”—we always ask this question from generation to generation. However, after I married, I did not receive that question. ‘Time’ disappeared at the same time I married.

In order to meditate on time more deeply, let’s go to the inside of the question. When we talk about time, everybody has time. Where is the man who has no time? Even though somebody is very busy, he will allow at least some of his time when a person asks it of him. In this opinion, it is always a lie that I don’t have time when I am asked ‘do you have time?’ On the other hand, what is time to us? Do I have time? Do you have time? Can you show us time? If we have something, we can show it to others. Even though we say “yes” to this question and give the time, we actually just show the clock. In this respect, it is always the right answer that I don’t have time when I am asked, “Do you have time?”

If I ask myself, “Do I have time,” how can I answer to that? Of course, the answer is one of two, ‘Yes or No.’ However, the real problem is a question itself. We should re-ask the question. ‘What does it mean?’

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The Love of Real Mom

When we understand God’s mind for suffering, we can guess it through human suffering. The story that Solomon’s wise judgment, in 1 Kings 3, shows us could be a real example of compassion. Two prostitutes come to the king and insist that ‘the living baby is their own.’ Solomon tries to cut the living baby in two and gives half to one and half to the other. The one whose son was dead says, “Neither I nor you shall have him. Cut him in two.” She does have no compassion mind. However, what was the response of the real mother? The woman whose son was alive is filled with compassion for her son and says to the king, “Please, my lord, give her the living baby! Don’t kill him!”
What makes her intend to give her living baby to the other woman? It is because of her love for son. If the son could be alive, she can allow the other woman to bring her son. It is more valuable for her to make her son alive than to have the dead son. Isn’t this the compassionate love? Solomon has wisdom to distinguish the right from the wrong, so he helps the real mother have her son. This is a really good talent. However, when the real mother attempts to yield her son to another woman, it goes beyond the valuation-judgment. In a sense, she is greater than Solomon. Love can go beyond value judgment of truth and false. Love can go beyond the pride of knowledge.

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Bird’s Love

Bird’s love: One day, when I went out on the balcony to dry clothes, a bird flew away. I saw two eggs in the nest. A couple of days later, I saw that the bird gathered her eggs under her wings. It did not move at all. They are still there. I think it became over two weeks. Whenever I open the door, I saw them as they were. It is amazing. It gave rise to thought about the parent’s love. Why is the bird still there? How does the bird eat? I heard a male bird catch worms and feed the wife. Why does not the bird fly away? A baby bird will be born in this world sooner or later. He/she also will do just as his/her parents do.
I can understand why the bird gathers her eggs under her wings, when I have my children. Ah—ha! They also have love for their babies even thought they are not human beings.

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My daughter usually wakes up early in the morning in vacation, because she wants to play computer games. When I was sleeping, she came to me to wake me up, so I asked to her:
I: Did you play computer games?
Daughter: How do you know that?
I: I know everything.
(She asked me another question to verify my ability: how to know what I do not see).
Daughter: Do you know what I ate in the morning?
I: You ate cereal. (Because I knew that she has eaten it every morning).
Daughter: How do you know that?
I: I told you, I know everything.
(She continued to ask)
Daughter: Do you know what I have in my hand?
I: A kind of toy.
Daughter: What kind of toy? A Doll or a car?
I: A kind of doll (because I thought that she may like a doll more than a car, since she is a girl)
(Opening her hand) she said, ‘Nothing.’
I: (What a shame on me).

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How can we love a snowman?

After making a snowman, my daughter, who was five year old, asked me to move the snowman to our house, because she thought it would be very pity. She made me think about a good topic: How can we love a snowman? Since it is outside in cold days and we think it is very pity, if we move it into a house or warm it, the snowman will disappear. A snowman which disappears if we love… Love for a snowman must be different from the usual love for others. How can we love a snowman? To love a snowman is to leave it outside as it is. It is the best love for a snowman. In a sense, is love of God for human beings in the world always same? Can God’s love for objects not be different according to situations or objects?

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