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A debate of Immanent Trinity and Economic Trinity reminds me of parents who do not have any relation to societies and who do not take care of their children and house-works respectively.


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John 15:15-16 show us a possibility to know God, comparing a servant to a friend. The relationship between each individual being and Jesus is not that of a servant and a master, but that of friends, in that a servant does not know his/her master’s thought and plan, but friends (we) know the friend (Jesus) not because of our ability but because of Jesus’ grace: “I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.” That is, Jesus calls us and lets us know who Jesus is. Although human beings can know God because of God’s grace, if we stubbornly insist that we cannot know God, because it seems to keep the qualitative difference between God and human beings, it must reject God’s grace. The rejection of God’s grace is nothing else than the arrogance of human beings. In any sense it would be the same with the arrogance that humans want to become like God. Thus human resistance of God’s grace and human desire to become God are same in the sense that they express human’s haughty, although they have different nuances.

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