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body and spirit

After school on the way home with Eunyou and John, I see there are many kinds of action of them such as walking, running, chasing, jumping, dancing, laughing, or picking some leaves. Following them behind, I think many things. Aha! They are busy in their body and I am busy in my spirit.


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Oh Deer! You are coming to the front field of this apartment everyday. Let me ask some questions to you: Do you know your birthday? Do you have your birthday party? Do you know your social security number? Do you know that you are USA deer? Do you have a driver license? Do you pay your apartment rent fee every month? Do you worry about what to eat tomorrow? Do you know Jesus Christ? Do you write some articles? Do you say some history of your family to your children? What do you do and what do you know? Do you just come to eat the grass? Is that enough for your life? Don’t you feel uncomfortable in your life without answering to those questions?
You were born in this world and will die some day. I was also born in this world and will die some day. You exist here and now and I exist here and now. Whether answer or not to those questions seems not to be important. Then what would be an important difference between you and me?

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