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A Police Officer

One day when I was at the church office, someone rang a bell. I opened the door, but I was surprised to see a police officer entering into. I thought for the moment whether I did something wrong. But the police man gave me invitation papers about a basketball match between LAPD and LAFD to invite children. Police men must be still the people I cannot be intimate.


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“In the inescapable flux, there is something that abides; in the overwhelming permanence, there is an element that escapes into flux. Permanence can be snatched only out of flux; and the passing moment can find its adequate intensity only by its submission to permanence. Those who would disjoin the two elements can find no interpretation of patent facts…. The perfect realization is not merely the exemplification of what in abstraction is timeless. It does more: it implants timelessness on what in its essence is passing. The perfect moment is fadeless in the lapse of time. Time has then lost its character of ‘perfectual perishing’; it becomes the ‘moving image of eternity.” Whitehead, “Process and Reality,” 338.

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“Where are we going, daddy and mommy?” After Sunday worship service, Eunyou asked us.
“We are going to go home,” said we.
But after knowing that our direction was not toward home, but toward someone’s house, she said, “Daddy, you are a liar.” “Your mom also said that,” said I.
She said, “Ok. You are a stinky, piggy liar, but mom is a beautiful, rose liar.”
It made me laugh, but I asked again, “What? Liar is liar. What is a beautiful, rose liar?”
She closed her mouth.
… To live as a father is not easy. Nevertheless, I love Eunyou. 🙂

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Is there any mom who asks cost (money) or something from her baby, because she got pregnant for ten months and finally gave birth to the baby?

Does God ask money or something from us, because Jesus took the cross and finally saved us?

It’s time to think about mom’s love and God’s love.

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10 years ago:
After 9/11, Osama Bin Laden must have rejoiced.
However, did he have any authority to kill many people?

10 years later:
Many people are rejoicing over the death of Osama Bin Laden.
However, do they have any authority to kill Cain (Osama Bin Laden)?
Do they have any authority to rejoice his death?

If we say “yes” to these questions, there would be no answer for the peace in the world. How can we stop circularity of evil?

Do you feel or recognize any critical difference, a turning point, or any political symptom in your life or in the world after the death of Osama Bin Laden? Do you think the world would be better or more peaceful after his death? What is the meaning of his death? Why did he die?

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