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There are four kinds of people in the world.
First, the one who is weak to the strong and who is strong to the weak
Second, the one who is strong to the strong and who is weak to the weak
Third, the one who is strong both to the strong and to the weak
Fourth, the one who is weak both to the strong and to the weak

The first type is that of a typical flatter.
The second type is that of a typical prophet or democratic activist.
The third type is that of a typical dictator.
The fourth type is that of a person of good character.

What kind of person was Jesus? He was not obviously the person of first and third. Then was he a second or fourth type of person? He would be the fourth kind of person including the second type.


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Hierarchical in a sense are all human relations: between coach and player, between teacher and student, between employer and employee, between owner and resident, between informer and needer of information, between president and people, between police and citizen, between judge and criminal, and between master and slave.
Left part always has power over the right part. Of course, there can be revolution in this structure. That is, right part can have power over left part by revolution. However, it incurs another hierarchical structure. In history, this structure has been circular.
However, there is another model of human relation. It is the relation between Jesus and us. The person who broke this hierarchical structure was Jesus. Jesus rejected to have the hierarchical power over us, although he could do. We cannot reverse this structure between Jesus and us as we do in human relation. Jesus gave us everything even himself and died for us. This is the kenosistic structure.

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What element makes the world one without any conflict?

Nationalism is possible within any particular nation. Nationalism can unite any one country, especially in sports, but it hardly gives any generosity to other countries.
Religion can go beyond any particular national border line, but it may entail religious conflicts even in one country.
Ideology is more severe than religious problems.

Then, what would be the most synthetic element which makes every body in the world connect and be interested? Is it not Life or Being?

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Human beings need two glasses: a mirror and a window. We can see ourselves through a mirror. We can see outside and other worlds through a window. Human beings, however, already have an ability to see both sides without a physical mirror and window. One is introspection and the other is extrospection.

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