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While having dinner, my six year old daughter asks her mom: “Do you decide every menu by yourself everytime? I hope I have a menu book, because I can choose menus everytime like at a restaurant.” If she knows that God alone chooses and decides everything and every life in the world, what could be her complaints? It mus…t be free will rather than predestination that she wants.


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If I consider my life as a gift, because it is given, there is no inevitability of the world. If my existence is a gift, when we trace back to the process of whole evolution, because it is also given, the nature is also a gift, so that God was already there before the world.

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God is among us

Jeremiah 14: 7-9
“do something for the sake of your name,”
“why are you like a stranger in the land, like a traveler who stays only a night?
“why are you like a man taken by surprise like a warrior powerless to save? You are among us. (immanent). Do not forsake us.

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Nowadays I’ve been thinking about Gabe (gift) and Aufgabe (task) in human life.
I exist here because of die Gabe.
I am doing my work because of die Aufgabe.

While taking a walk, I thought one step further: what could I call the future with Gabe? Hingabe? Is there this word in German? I looked at the German dictionary. What a wonderful! It is. Hingabe (devotion).
I should live for the future of the cosmos beyond me and others because of die Hingabe.

Paraphrasing Kant, I could make three questions.
1. Why do I exist? Die Gabe
2. What is my task for my life? Die Aufgabe
3. What should I do for the future of the cosmos including human life? Die Hingabe

The answers are through three steps: Gabe Aufgabe  Hingabe
After thinking about this one, I researched website. Unfortunately, there was already this scheme on website.

Am I genius or not?

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What would be the most powerful proposition?

I think therefore I am.
I worship therefore I am.
I cry therefore I am.
I write therefore I am.
I eat therefore I am.
I google therefore I am.

I am because you are.
I am because I was thrown.
I am because my family is.
I cry because you cry

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Please close your eyes and stop thinking others. Just open your ears and listen to sounds.
What can you hear? You can hear: Computer sound, Air condition sound, Heating sound, People’s voice or chatting, Car horn sound, TV sound, Wind, Baby crying sound, Ambulance silen, Dog’s barking sound, etc.

Listening to the outer sounds means that, although there are differences of degree, I have relations to the all beings in cosmos.

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